Today, I bring you the heir Jiang Xin bracelet is what brand Jiang Xin bracelet with how much money, I hope you read this carefully finishing the contents of the relevant knowledge to understand and solve your confusion. Finally, please pay attention to our website, we will continue to bring you faster and better articles.
The political drama “heir” launched by Jiang Xin and Liu Kaiwei starring, still a high-yielding drama, in the play Jiang Xin wearing a bracelet is very interesting, especially the golden look good, that Jiang Xin this bracelet is what brand, how much is it?


replica Cartier LOVE series bracelet

Cartier is from Paris, France, senior jewelry brand, with the United States New York Tiffany (Tiffany), Italy, Rome, Bulgari (BVLGARI) and known as the world’s three major high-level jewelry brand. Cartier LOVE series bracelet as a jewelry, because of its unique style known to the world. There are many consumers are running bracelet style come here especially.

Cartier LOVE  bracelet how much money? For this problem, it is difficult to answer directly. Because the material is different, inlaid gem different, the production process of different levels will affect the final price of a bracelet. So we want to know this problem, first of all to understand: Cartier LOVE series bracelet according to the material is divided into two categories, gold models, rose gold and platinum models. Coupled with inlaid gem style, a total of 36 as much. Can not be enumerated here.  Cartier love gold bracelet copy was so cheap.

The LOVE Jewelery Collection, which expresses the spirit of freedom, was born in New York in the 1970s and witnessed many of the legendary romance and became the embodiment of the Declaration of Love. Today’s LOVE series, the continuation of the classic screw design, interpretation of a variety of fit the skin jewelry, such as pendants and other necklaces, become a symbol of passion, love endless … …

Throughout Cartier jewelry design, always refined to show their own unique style. Especially in the Cartier big nail bracelet, simple oval design, streamlined appearance, 18K rose gold luxury, so that Cartier big nail bracelet to become urban women’s favorite.